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You're diagnosed with cancer, now what?

The team at Cancer Consulting Services is here to help you.

Your Personal Cancer Consultants​

A cancer diagnosis can be scary and overwhelming -- but it doesn't have to be. We are here to help you navigate your way through your diagnosis and treatment.  We work with patients and families dealing with a cancer diagnosis to provide second opinion consultations and navigation services.  We take the time to consider each patient's unique tumor characteristics using the most up-to-date genetic testing, their personal medical history, lifetime goals and values to help them to make treatment decisions which are right for them.   We can help guide patients to the best doctors for their condition as well as refer to the most promising clinical trials.

Contact Us First. Let us be your quarterback to manage your cancer journey.

We can help you find the best medical team to treat your condition and continue to follow along during your therapy to provide extra support and ongoing consultation that cannot always be provided by a traditional oncology practice.  

The Cancer Consulting Service Team ensures you the best possible outcomes by providing 

  • Information about your specific type of cancer in language you will understand

  • Information about proper diagnostic tests and their interpretation

  • Thorough review of your biopsy/pathology 

  • Genetic testing of the biopsy material

  • Precision/Personalized medicine to help find the right treatment for you

  • Information about and navigation to oncologists who specialize in your cancer

  • Information about current, innovative and promising clinical trials

  • Extra support and ongoing consultation as you go through your treatments

  • Referral to our network of supportive care/complimentary care providers including

    • Nutrition

    • Herbal medicine

    • Mind-body therapies

    • Psychosocial support

Contact Us

Contact us today and see what we can do for you.

(Please note that this site is unencrypted there is some risk that any included personal health information can be accessed by others)

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