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Over her years in a traditional oncology practice, Dr. Monroe, a practicing oncologist,  found the changes in healthcare made it more and more challenging to give her patients the time and support they needed. 

When her own family members were diagnosed with cancer she realized how difficult it can be for patients to navigate their way through a cancer diagnosis and make informed treatment decisions.  Using her medical expertise, Dr Monroe was able to help her family but she realized there had to be a better way to bridge the gap between what patients and families dealing with a cancer diagnosis need and that which can be provided by a traditional oncology practice.  She therefore started Cancer Consulting Services.

After retiring from his pediatric oncology practice Dr. Weiner wanted to continue to help cancer patients and their families.  As a cancer survivor himself and the parent of a cancer survivor, he knows first-hand how valuable it can be to have professional guidance in dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

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